I have released 18 apps on Android, some with millions of downloads, some which were downloaded very little. This is a series of blog posts chronicling the development of my 19th Android app. The blog posts start on March 3rd, 2016 and end (currently) on August 1st, 2018.

I go over the entire process of app development. I start with how I select which type of Android app to write. Then I go over how I do the Android programming. I also cover every other hat I put on in developing the app - including the artwork and the advertising of it. I also cover the "full stack" hat I put on since I did the back end as well. I cover how I designed and set up the app's backend (MySQL) database and how I designed and wrote the JSON web API which is served up by Python scripts.

The app currently (as of 2018-08-01) has a 4.33/5.0 rating from 92 people on Google Play, which makes me think people like it. I keep working to improve the app, in terms of stability, selection, ease of use and new and desired features, so hopefully we create a good enough experience so that that rating will climb even higher.

The app is an Android background wallpaper app. People browse through a number of pictures, select one they like, download it, then set it as the Android device's background.

If you have an Android device, you can download the app from Google Play here.

Post #1: March 3 to May 21, 2016
Post #2: May 22 to July 3, 2016
Post #3: July 4, 2016 to December 3, 2016
Post #4: December 24, 2016 to June 13, 2017
Post #5: June 15 to August 17, 2017
Post #6: June 9 to August 1, 2018