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Wed, 22 May 2013

Gnome terminal resize info on Ubuntu 13.04 - raring

Ubuntu disabled the resize info tooltip for Gnome Terminal once again, and has once again changed their convulted method to restore it.

In this iteration of Ubuntu:

1) "sudo aptitude install compiz-plugins"
(or "sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins" if you don't have any aptitude)

2) "sudo aptitude install ccsm"

The run "ccsm". In the filter search, search for "Resize Info". The box is unchecked with its default tooltip turned off. Check the box. Compiz will then freeze up a little for a few seconds and then go back to normal. You now have Gnome terminal resize info tooltip enabled.

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Mon, 22 Nov 2010

Linux desktop/smartphone penetration

This Wikipedia article tells you the share of web browsers from different sources, but clicking through the links you can see what penetrations OS's running web browsers have as well. These web sites give an accounting from their logs of what the OS's are for the people they're serving pages to.

W3counter has 1.49% running Linux and 0.25% running Android in October 2010.

Clicky gives a daily tally, which is 1.25% for Linux today, and has been hovering around 1.25% for the past weeks.

Statcounter has 0.78% running Linux since September. Not sure what they're counting as Linux or why their Linux count is so much lower than the others

Most interesting is Wikimedia, which really breaks down the statistics. They sample 1/1000 of their logs, so every hit they show can be assumed to be multiplied by about 1000. They count Linux, for which they include Android, as 2.04%. The breakdown is 0.75% Ubuntu, 0.47% Android, 0.07% SUSE, 0.06% Fedora, 0.05% Debian, and by the time it gets to Gentoo it is down to 0.02%. Red Hat, CentOS and "Linux Motor" (whatever Wikimedia means by that) comes up with the rest. There's even a breakdown of the different Ubuntu, Fedora and Android versions. Cool. It gives you a general idea of what the penetration rate is any way.

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Wed, 03 Nov 2010

Ubuntu and user-focus
There's a lot of chatter about Canonical, and Unity and the Gnome shell and all of that. There's one thing I love about Ubuntu though and that's the user focus.

I am installing to a KVM Maverick Meerkat 10.10 from the ISO. It gives the option to allow network updating while it copies files from CD to disk - smart, save the user some time later, very thoughtful. It also pops up a slideshow (which is browsable) showing features of Ubuntu while it is copying from the CD to the disk - nice, if the user is in a situation where he doesn't have much to do while waiting for install to finish, show him or her the system features and educate them about it

There is a division of labor in all enterprises. I run the servers, sometimes I write the code, I investigate problems. I don't normally think about user desktop Linux experience much, except in an abstract way, such as that PDF backend library support could be better so that people could render their PDFs better. It's good there are people out there who do.

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