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Thu, 17 Nov 2011


Looked at Admob today, I finally pushed past $25 in payments from my Android applications. $25 was the one-time fee I paid to get on Android Market. So I've made $25.16 from my three mobile apps so far, and am now 16 cents in the black. Admob sends you money when you hit $20 for a month, so in December I should be getting a check for October and before. In addition to the Admob money, Samsung was also nice enough to give me a free $500 value 10.1 inch tablet to write tablet-sized apps on. And with my latest update of Bouncer out this morning, all three of my apps now handle "extra-large" displays, as Android calls them.

I was contemplating that I'm now in the black this morning, and felt good about it. My thought in terms of my business of putting out Android apps revolves around having no recurring capital costs, and if at all possible, no capital costs at all. Particularly in terms of some web page that an app must contact that I'd have to pay $10 a month or so for. Right now I just code the app, push it to Android Market, and collect the ad money. Aside from the slow wear on my keyboard, mouse, screen etc., the only expense is my time.

I wrote a framework for a spreadsheet, and did a number of spreadsheet features for it. Then I worked on getting pre-2007 Excel files onto it, which I did. Then I worked on getting Excel 2007 and 2010 (.xlsx) files onto it - and got stuck. There are two possible paths to fixing this, an easier one of I can get things down to less than 65,536 methods, and a harder one if I can't. I took a shot at the easier path, and that just might not be possible, as I got rid of a lot of methods. I may be able to pare down a few more. If not I'll have to go on the harder route. Anyhow, I put the code up on Github.

A month ago, I finished rewriting the layout of Panacea Database for all major (and minor) device sizes and screen densities. Then I added a feature to remember the last file opened. I did some testing and QA on the last file feature, but perhaps not enough, as it seems there have been some crashes since then which probably pertain to that. Which I am looking into. People seem to want column sorting, which I can work on implementing. I might throw in some SQLite stuff, depending on how easy it would be.

So all of my apps have decent layouts for all major (and most minor) devices, which I am happy about. So now I am on to my new apps, as well as fixing bugs and implementing new features in Panacea Database.

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