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Sat, 09 Jul 2011

Android development

According to Alexa.com, Wikipedia is currently the 7th most trafficked web site. They are also one of the few large web sites to allow everyone glimpses of their web log analysis. I mention this in a previous blog post. In December 2010, Android devices made up .078% of Wikipedia's web traffic. At the end of May 2011 (June numbers are not done yet) that was up to 1.16%. So Android traffic on Wikipedia increased about 48% in six months.

Actually, the six month increase of about 48% from December to May was more-or-less matched by the one month increase from November 2010 to December 2010, which was a 47% increase in traffic. I guess a lot of people got Androids in their Christmas stocking, or next to their Hanukkah dreidels...

So anyhow, I released my second Android application, Panacea Database, on June 11th. I definitely followed the Release Early, Release Often philosophy for this one - I got the idea for it on June 7th, and by June 11th it was published.

I guess another party writing a nice Java library, which someone else posted a bug report, which was subsequently fixed, seven months before, that fixed all the Android bugs, helps. Thanks Miha Pirnat, wherever you are!

So what it does is iterates table rows and does searches for Microsoft Access style files on Android. Or Microsoft Access 2000 to 2007. With a lot of Access 2010 working. I actually just sent a patch in to the library people to fix a bug. Or implement a kludge to get around the bug anyhow - until I'm interested in dealing with Attachment data types, they'll have to write a fix.

So both my apps have passed through the 500 download point. Bouncer has a 41% active/total install ratio, Panacea Database has a 57% install ratio. Why is that? Well to quote a critic on the Android Market, Silas, "Move to SD card!!" The app has a lot of PNG's and JPG's and is 3.8MB. Maybe I will move some of that to the SD card, who knows? It's an issue I have to figure out how to deal with.

My Admob revenue for the last week is 79 cents, $1.52 for the week before that, and $1.28 for the week before that. My first goal is $100 a month in revenues. Whether that be by ads, sales or whatever, it does not matter.

Initially I thought of just tossing out apps left and right and seeing what stuck. But you put an app out and you have to maintain it. And I'm just one person. For now anyhow. I don't want lots of one-star ratings for my apps on Android Market. The lowest I've gotten were two three-star ratings for Panacea Database. One wanted me to fix the bug where next-lines in a text data type would make a button disappear. I've partially patched that already, and have a full patch for that (hopefully) that I will release, oops, I mean publish, soon.

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